Thursday, 6 November 2014

Still life with red

still life of vase, brushes and teapot using impasto red oil paint and a palette knife
This still life, painted largely with a palette knife on A4 board, was heavily influenced by the work of David Cheifetz, which I have fallen in love with. On his website, if you follow the link "Impasto logs" it will give you access to 6 podcasts about how he paints. I have learnt so much from them.

So I set this arrangement up in a newly created still life corner of my work station. Here is "still life corner" in the context of my room, with some of my bits and pieces visible. I swap that white fabric for dark when I want a black background
The still life corner in my studio at Pet Portraits by Karen
I drew the arrangement out using the sight size method, and following David Cheifitz's approach, I painted the teapot first. Everytime I completed another piece of the arrangement I took my knife and slapped a bit more red on the pot to try and ensure it remained the most vibrant part of the painting.
For the dripping brush, I took a tube of cad red medium and squeezed it directly on to the canvas then dragged the blob down with a metal skewer. Great fun, but it took forever to dry.
That's it for the blog for this week. Thank you very much for looking at my paintings.