Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Fox hiding in grass, an oil painting, palette knife painting, a pet portrait by Karen
In the woods with my dog, I occasionally get a strong sensation of being watched, even though there is nobody there. If this sensation persists it can creep you out. I begin to think I am walking in some Tolkien-esque, Fanghorn type forest and it is the trees that are watching me. A couple of times now, though, I have actually caught sight of the perpetrator. Here he is.
In real life, he is much better concealed. I tried painting him that way but frankly it was hard to see him at all and the result was way too abstracted for my taste.
Last time I caught sight of my watcher, he was some way off and not such a red colour. I though it was a spaniel that had been reported missing locally and called out: "Jess! JESS!!" The fox uncurled himself from his vantage point and sauntered out into the open, eyed me up and down and departed with his tail in the air in the opposite direction. 

This is a palette knife painting apart from the eyes to nose triangle.