Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas commissions

oil painting of a jack russell terrier, a pet portrait by Karen
Hope everyone has had a good Christmas? I have enjoyed a couple of days off as I was very busy with painting presents in the run up to Christmas as well as my usual daily paintings. 
I painted four Jack Russell Terriers, two Border Collies, two chihuahuas seated and a pedigree bull in a field. Remind you of a certain Christmas song by any chance??
Here is one of the JRTs, called Belle. She lives locally and was the most-difficult-to-photograph dog ever. I took the reference photos myself in the end while her frantic owner tried to keep her still.
Anyway, I hope her "mum" is pleased with her. This was delivered, framed, with just a few days to go. Here are some work-in-progress shots