Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A little bit of love-bombing

cherub blowing a kiss, an oil painting,

Sometimes, when very terrible things happen in this world, the feeling that there is nothing at all you can do to make anything better is painful indeed. I felt that all the usual measures open to an anonymous individual - petitioning, hash-tagging on social media, even protesting - seemed futile. 

This is futile as well, of course. But at least it does no harm. Here is a pretty, chubby little cherub blowing the world a kiss. I think the world could do with some love.

Painted on board, the artistic challenge was in mixing enough values of both warm and cool greys to render the chubby cherub. I also wanted to hint at the olive green lichen stains in the stone work. The cherub was painted on a board previously toned with burnt sienna. I let some of that show through and the pre-toning was especially useful for the background as I could wipe off as much paint as I put on and create a luminous effect. Hopefully.

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