Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Lady on Red

Jack Russell Terrier, an oil painting with a red background, a pet portrait by karen, a dog portrait, animal artist
I had fun with this sweet little lady. The background colour is a glorious mix of Rembrandt paint: Cad Red, Transparent Oxide Red and Cad Yellow Deep, mainly.

I managed to take some photos of the painting in progress for you. Here are the first two stages:
demonstration of a jack russell painting, stage 1, a pet portrait by karen, animal artist
I started, as I almost always do, with the main features. I have included the brush I use for her eyes and nose: a Rosemary & Co Series 402 sable blend, size 0.
work in progress, jack russell oil painting, a pet portrait by karen, animal artist
On the left, above, her face, using a 1/4" Eclipse Angular. This Rosemary & Co brush is the one I use the most for my daily paintings. I also have a 1/2" and 3/4" version for large paintings. On the right, the background going in. I felt I should do this before her face dried, to try and avoid any too hard edges. The brush is a No 3 Ivory Filbert (also Rosemary & Co).
work in progress photos, jack russell oil painting, a pet portrait by karen, animal artist
Basically, working down the body here. Her paws and nails I mostly worked with the original sable blend brush. I modelled the form of her white chest and forelegs using a mixture of greys and trying to vary the colour temperature, using cooler whites (i.e. adding ultramarine) for the forward facing planes.

I know cooler colours are supposed to recede but I observed that in this scorching hot painting, the opposite seemed to be the case. I am experimenting at the moment with warm and cool greys, blacks and whites in particular as a way of modelling form rather than - or in addition to - adjusting tonal values.

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