Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Do My Ears Look Big in This?

oil painting of a German Shepherd puppy with very big ears, pet painting by Karen
What an irresistable face, don't you think? I believe this breed 'grows into their ears'. I think they look fabulous like this.
In terms of the painting, dogs with yellow ochre (orange) markings in black fur are always tricky to paint because, as I have bewailed on a number of occasions, the inadvertent mixing of these two colours creates cow-pat green. I am always looking for improved ways of painting them. 
For today's dog, I did it like this
work-in-progress German Shepherd painting, dog painting by Karen Robinson
Eyes first, then the orange markings then I worked round them. The dog also had a fair bit of blue in his coat - reflected colour from the sky - and I used Pthalo Blue because I like living dangerously (it is a lovely warm blue, I think, but has incredible pigmenting strength). I have overdone it a bit here as you can see. No matter, we will tone it down in a minute
work-in-progress German Shepherd painting, dog painting by Karen Robinson
I adopted the same approach with the ears: pink first and worked the dark fur round the pink. A bit of wiping went on with those ears: in-between taking this photo and finishing the piece I decided the pink was altogether too pink and started his ears again. But you get the general idea.

If you like reading my blog I would be much obliged if you would hit the Google+ button at the top of the page (if you have one of those accounts) or follow me on Facebook. It is super difficult to build a profile on the internet. I was reading yesterday about a bloke in Canada who took desperate measures to promote his business: he tied 120 helium balloons to a garden chair and then floated into the heavens. Simultaneously, a plane he had hired took off streaming a banner with his company name on it
He said he became a bit alarmed (a) when he saw a 747 taking off beneath him and (b) when the balloons started popping. He (only) got a sprained ankle when he landed and was arrested and charged with "mischief". 
As an approach to marketing I don't really fancy it. 
Also, I don't think we have an offence here in the UK called "mischief". Here you would likely be arrested under the Terrorism Act!

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