Thursday, 20 August 2015

Me, myself and I

Me, myself and I, oil painting of a cat looking at its own reflection
This is a limited palette painting: Transparent Oxide Brown, Yellow Ochre and white. I used a tiny dab of Cad Red Light for the ear and nose. 
It is the most difficult painting I have succeeded in completing for a long while: anything more difficult would have ended up on the garden bonfire, a fate that this one only narrowly escaped.
I thought the hardest bit would be the reflection, but in fact that was quite easy: I painted what I could see of the cat using very thin paint (thinned with turps). It looked weird. I resisted the temptation to fiddle. Then next day I laid a layer of Transparent White thinned with Liquin right over the top and ta-daa! It looked like a reflection.
The hardest bit was modelling the form of the cat to give the illusion of that sinuous, curving body. I wiped it 5 times back to linen before it came good.
I am now exhausted and thinking about switching to an easier career, such as astrophysics.


  1. I enjoyed, and identified with, your description of the process, Karen. But don't make that leap to astrophysics just yet -- this wonderful painting is a winner! Besides, who knows, perhaps your next painting will seem a breeze by comparison.

    All your animal paintings are a delight.