Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Little Clown

Oil painting of a Miniature Schnauzer
This was a cheer-myself-up painting, in the midst of a difficult week. Miniature Schnauzers - in my limited experience of the breed - are natural born comedians and rarely solemn.
I painted a blue background in weak acrylic just for speed, so that I could blast the board dry with a hairdryer and get started.
I put 3 colours on the palette: Burnt Sienna. Ultramarine and Titanium White. From these I was able to mix both warm and cool greys by adjusting the ratio of blue to burnt sienna. So, on the left the two colours straight from the tube. Then my darkest dark (a mixture of the two); warm (brownish) greys - for the beard, chiefly - and cool (blue-ish) greys for the fur:
palette of pre-mixed grey oil paints
I used a lovely, new No3 Ivory Filbert from Rosemary & Co for the whole painting. 
These brushes produce great, flick-y lines when used on their side - before I have messed them up, that is. The exception was the eyes, when I used a soft, sable. 
I also applied some black to nostrils and pupils of eyes with the sable brush by taking small blobs direct from the tube. I wanted to avoid putting black on to the palette because then I would be tempted to use it and it doesn't work for this sort of mixed grey fur - it just creates a muddy mess.  

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