Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Little lemur

mixed media drawing of a little lemur
A few different things this week, because I sent away for a pot of Liquid Pencil to give it a try: my efforts to be more faithful to my sketch book are always faltering because I don't enjoy working with dry media and long for a brush. Liquid pencil seemed worth a shot. 
My impression is that it is fab for covering large areas in a light or mid tone. It looks just like pencil when it is dry. You can achieve darker tones by layering, just as you would with a dry pencil. Super-dark cannot easily be achieved, though. For this little lemur I used gouache to get the darkest darks.
His eyes are also gouache.
Having got a couple of different colours on the palette - eyes, background, highlights in eyes - I realised I might as well have used paint in the first place. 

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