Friday, 9 October 2015

Double Trouble

Double Troiuble, oil painting, two puppies, animal portrait by Karen

Autumn colours again, but a bit more muted and sober than yesterday's. I still kicked the painting off with my luscious new tube of orange paint (any excuse):
work-in-progress photo of two sleeping puppies painting

This muted palette basically consisted of warmer colours - orange, burnt sienna - for the left hand dog and cooler colours - raw umber, blue - for the right hand dog. I hadn't planned it that way but found it difficult to differentiate the two dogs and make an interesting painting. So I wiped the first attempt and used two separate palettes second time around - one for each dog. 
The floor boards are orange, blue and white: orange and blue make a lovely grey. 
That's all for this week (unless you also follow my other blog: I have a portrait to post there in a minute). 
Thank you for looking at my paintings and have a great weekend.

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