Thursday, 19 November 2015

Study of a bob cat

oil study of a bobcat
This study was painted in 3 passes, allowing each layer to dry in-between. To achieve a polished finish I would need at least one more pass, hence I have labelled this one a 'study'. This is not my favourite painting technique as regular readers will know, but I am at a loss how to achieve a realistic result for a cat any other way. All my cats have needed at least two passes, unless they are painted with a knife, in which case the level of realism is necessarily reduced. 

Perhaps realism is not the be all and end all: an "impression" might suffice. Or even an "expression". Or something altogether more post-modern - a white shape, perhaps, indicative of cat. That would certainly have induced less teeth-grinding frustration.

I was astonished, by the way, to read how widespread and common bobcats are in the US, although nocturnal and furtive so rarely seen by people. On that basis, perhaps a black background with a lighter blur to indicate cat - a smear or two of paint in an indeterminate grey - perhaps that would have been a realistic portrayal of a bobcat?

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