Tuesday, 1 December 2015

River Tavy, Tavistock, Devon

oil painting of River Tavy, Tavistock, Devon

This was the scene about 4 weeks ago. The trees hung on to their leaves for a remarkably long time. Painted from my own photos and observation at the scene, although I did not set up an easel, being still too shy especially in such a public place. There is a footpath to the left of the painting out of sight and it was teaming with Saturday shoppers.
The first time I saw this river from the footpath - which is 10 or so feet higher than the rocks here - it was summer and we scrambled down on to the rocks to sit and watch for trout or salmon. There is a fish gate at the top by the bridge to help spawning fish ascend the weir and continue their journey up river.
Painted mostly with a knife from the back forwards, it took about 4 layers to achieve this effect, drying in-between and I had 3 wipers before I was happy with it. 10"x8" on board.

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