Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Walk tall

a palette knife, oil painting of a crow on a golden beach. A pet portrait by Karen
A palette knife painting. After many hours of working with detail and smallish brushes - I am painting two commissions concurrently of different dogs - it was fun and relaxing to switch to a simpler form and a knife. He doesn't have a curly coat, either, and for that I am grateful! 
To achieve that lush coloured sand - can't you just feel it when you wiggle your toes? - I used Gamblin Warm White and the tiniest amounts of Rembrandt Cad Yellow Deep. 
On one of his DVD courses, the Colorado-based artist Dan Edmondson recommended buying professional Cad Yellow Deep as it was a hard colour to match in the cheaper pigments, so I took a big breath and bought a tube at vast expense. It was so worth it. Love this colour.