Thursday, 12 February 2015


oil painting of two giraffes being affectionate, for Valentine's Day. A pet portrait by Karen.
An affectionate little finale to my Valentine's Day trio, this was the trickiest of the three to paint because of how close both animals were in colour and value; so it was hard to model the forms and still show there were two giraffe. I stuck to a limited palette which helped - transparent oxide red, warm white (Gamblin) and burnt umber. 
For the foreground giraffe I also used a bit of yellow ochre, which has helped to separate him from his background partner, I think. 
To try and create a comforting sense of warmth to the composition, I used Cad Yellow Deep and warm white for the toned background.
Reference photo was courtesy of Veronica on Paint My Photo.
Last blog post for this week: have a great weekend and thank you for looking at my paintings.