Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Greyhound 2

oil painting of a wire-coated lurcher, greyhound, a pet portrait by Karen
This painting was the one that nearly got away. I wiped it twice. Each time I re-started in the same way I usually do - painting in the eyes - and each time there was a dog looking balefully out of the canvas, but when I started on the coat it all went wrong. 
Reluctant to give up on this dog who clearly wished to join the world, I tried for a third time and here he is. 
I think using a lighter, cooler background than usual threw me and his shaggy coat is tricky to render in one sitting. In the end, I had to add fur bit by bit over four days, letting each layer properly tack up before the next. It was the only way I could avoid a canvas load of slurry. 
I have called him a greyhound, but I actually think he is a lurcher as I am sure there is a bit of wolfhound peering out of the canvas.