Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Yellow Labrador puppies

oil painting, labrador, yellow labrador puppies, a pet portrait by karen
I find yellow labs - and all dogs of a similar colour - hard to paint because the colour is tricky to mix and the shadows are also a challenge. So I chose this sweet little scene to try and crack the colour-mixing problem. As you can see, it is a complex jig-saw of different shades of yellow and orange with some tricky shadows as well. 
I have read that it is "essential" to buy a proper Naples Yellow, the colour I automatically thought of when I saw this scene. I checked this out only to discover that the a "proper" tube of this pigment costs upwards of £30 ($45+), so I bought a £3.50 tube of Rowney Georgian oil colour instead, a student grade brand that art teachers are usually very sniffy about. 
It is fabulous. 
Can't recommend it highly enough. 
Yellow labrador puppy colour in a tube.