Friday, 23 October 2015

Orange Study

oil painting of a jack russell terrier
This sweet JRT has been painted using 3 colours: Permanent Orange (still my new-favourite tube of paint), Transparent Oxide Brown, Ivory black and white. 
Within the colour harmony of the painting, a little bit of black in a lot of white gives the illusion that you also have some blue on the palette. 
I forget where I read about this. But I thought it must be true, because so often having, say, black and yellow ochre on the palette has produced an unexpected green problem (cow pat colour dog syndrome). 
If black can act like blue on a yellow paint, why not like blue in a white paint. And so it was. 
I painted him from the eyes outwards
work-in-progress, oil painting of a jack russell terrier
until I had a dear little face looking back at me. Then I felt it would be difficult to get the values correct on his white body fur without a contrast from the background, so I put the background in next with a palette knife.
The orange is Rembrandt Talens Permanent Orange, bought as a less expensive substitute for their Cadmium Orange. This one is fab but it is semi-transparent, and I would love a really opaque and vivid cadmium orange as well. 
I wonder if Father Christmas reads my blog?