Thursday, 3 December 2015

Rest and relaxation

oil painting of a snoozing dog
Being a bit pushed for time at present, due to family dramas coinciding with Christmas commissions, this one is a re-post from "one I did earlier" (that phrase was made famous by a UK children's TV programme when I was little). 
I pulled it out of the cupboard because I have always liked it, and could immediately see how to improve it. 
Basically, I glazed over the shadows with a darker colour to strengthen them.
It cheers me up when I can immediately see what needs doing to one of my pieces: it possibly indicates I am improving, do you think? 
Shame I can't practise this on my commissioned work but customers will unlikely sympathise with my desire to put their presents in the cupboard for 3 months in case I can subsequently see how to make improvements.
I did read somewhere that you should never re-touch your work, but only move on to the next piece. Well, I think that is rubbish (at least if you work in oil).
 Leonardo da Vinci said: "A painting is never finished. Only abandoned."