Friday, 11 December 2015

Move 'em out

oil painting of cowboy on galloping horse
At this time of year - wet, dark, grizzly - I am often drawn to anything hot, bright and dusty and once again childhood cowboy fantasies come to life. One of my earliest memories was of going behind the TV to look for the cowboys and indians I had seen on the screen falling from their horses and disappearing. I assumed they had fallen down the back.

My objective with this painting - apart from having a bit of fun - was to try and capture enough detail so you know what is going on without a slavish rendering of the original source photo. I used a palette knife, a larger than normal brush and my fingers.

However, to make a start, I put in a few lines and the darkest darks with dilute raw umber. One day I should like to start a painting using the massing in technique, instead of lines. I have only achieved this with really simple subjects (e.g. an apple) or landscapes. I find it very difficult to get my head round that approach where there is any complex detail.

work-in-progress photo of cowboy painting

Last post for this week. Have a great weekend.