Thursday, 21 January 2016

Cow skull tied to a post

cow skull on a post, western art
This is one of the paintings I had anticipated making and put a rough version on the wall in my New Year painting called Dreaming of Cowboys:
fantasy painting of cowboys in an art gallery
It is the one at the far end, bottom. The middle one I have already painted. The feature painting, of the rodeo - not yet. I am wondering how to tackle him. I would like to have a go at a full size trompe l'oeil and I am just figuring out how I could do something like that with this rodeo scene.

Meanwhile, I enjoy painting skulls for much the same reasons I enjoy painting statues - it is a technical challenge to model the form when it is so subtle. I have a nice collection of skulls, including a deer skull that we found in the woods. It was a bit mossy and green but easily cleaned up back at home in a bucket. Here it is arranged and lit by me for a possible still life
deer skull
I also found in the woods a very small fox skull, a cub I assume, and these two sit on the same shelf in my room as Yorick, the human skull (but he is a copy, not real, obviously). Here are my things on the windowsill this morning
the skulls in my studio
I don't know if you can make out, across the field, the sheep against the hedge. They have tiny lambs and are attempting to shelter them from the rain.

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