Wednesday, 6 January 2016

On considering my New Year resolutions...

oil painting of a Dog snoozing in the sun
Here is a gentle painting to kick off the new year - wishing you all a peaceful 2016 with lots of opportunities for enjoying life's good things. For this painting, I used mostly yellow ochre and dioxine purple (together they formed the greys); a spot of black for the darkest darks - nose, shut eye, paw pads - and a spot of cad. lemon for the brightest lights. 

Did you make any New Year Resolutions? I have made a few. I am going to try and produce one portrait a week this year, even if it is only a tiny study. My portrait work is discussed on my other blog as some of you will already know. I have also resolved to work steadily on the two internet-based courses I have bought from Daniel Edmondson.

The other resolutions I think I will keep to myself for now, but somewhere in there is an unwritten one, to try and lighten up a bit about my work. I bewailed one big Painting Fail on James Gurney's blog at the back end of last year and he responded as follows:
Thank you, James, good advice as always. The Gallery Flambeau, incidentally, is a bonfire of your failed experiments. I had two last year and burnt dozens of paintings. Very liberating. To have the first bonfire of 2016 here in soggy Devon it will have to stop raining first!

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