Wednesday, 13 January 2016


oil painting of a puppy playing peek-a-boo
This painting was really an exercise in painting many shades of white. I painted it in two passes, putting on the foremost fur and highlights when the rest was dry, using a combination of wet, flicking strokes and dry, scumbling (for the pillow).
Scumbling is not a technique I have used very much. Because I usually paint on board which I prime to be smooth as the proverbial baby's bottom, I had assumed the dry, scrubbing in of paint wouldn't work as there is no canvas texture for it to rub off on to. 
This was wrong, however. 
Provided I can wait patiently for my first pass at the painting to dry, I have found even tiny paint ridges will accept a scumble nicely - and what is more I can wipe it off again if I hate it or over-do it. 
The technique is very rough on brushes, but as I can't bear to throw knackered brushes away - they accumulate like so many dead flowers in jam-jars all around my room - I have lots of brushes I can use instead of my "best" ones.

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