Friday, 12 February 2016

Evening Glow

oil painting of a sheltie
Painted on clear-primed linen, the natural linen colour looks slightly violet in the context of this dog's colouring, which was partly why the painting ended up with this title. 
I began by wanting to try and experiment with orange: such a difficult colour to mix, I find. My tube of Cadmium Orange is very nice but doesn't work for animal fur because it looks too chalky and ever-so-slightly artificial - like the orange sweeties in a box of Dolly Mixtures - that old childhood favourite. For those who don't know, they look like this:

dolly mixtures

So I tried various permutations of different reds and yellows, struggling with getting anything that looked like the colour in my imagination, with the additional challenge that it needed to be opaque: too transparent and the linen showed through making the colour mucky.

The result of my experiments was a triumphant cheer, with the discovery that Permanent Rose and Cadmium Lemon together make the most wonderful, clean, opaque and vibrant orange with no hint of chalkiness. I realise this discover is not exactly on the same level of as discovering gravitational waves - but I was every bit as happy.

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