Friday, 18 March 2016

Golden Series no 3 - Lion

Last one for this week, using the same techniques as previously: mainly transparent colours. For this proud animal I chiefly used Transparent Oxide Red, Raw Sienna and Transparent Red Ochre. 
That last one is a new colour for me, from Winsor & Newton Artists' range. The colour swatch on the sites of most suppliers bears no relationship to the colour in real life: Winsor and Newton's own site has a much better swatch. 
It creates a really luscious, warm, orange-red glow. 
I also used Indian Yellow, a paint I have packed into the cupboard to avoid the temptation of picking it up: it has a fierce pigmenting strength and I have had experiences before of generating 50 shades of cowpat brown the second it hits any other opaque colour. 
But I used it with great care - kept the tube of black well away - and its luminosity can create highlights and punches of colour every bit as effective, I thought, as white.
Have a great weekend and thank you for joining me on my blog this week.

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