Friday, 11 March 2016

Movie Star Horse

Loosely based on an old movie still, this was inspired by Roy Rogers and Trigger and all those other four-legged stars of screen that populated my childhood imagination.
Painted in a limited palette of cobalt blue, vermillion red, black and white I was, like yesterday, experimenting with creating a colour impact. 
I am going to do some more exploring of this. 
It came from an insight that maybe colour is as much in our imagination as it is a visual reality. Van Gogh understood this, of course, so I am hardly saying anything new, but I had a sort of epiphany: 
When a child, I had a "Big Book of Wildlife", that was my most treasured possession. I never forgot the many colourful pictures illustrating the text.
Then one day I re-discovered the book, still lurking at my Mum's house. 
I was completely amazed to discover the entire book was printed in black & white. Those big, colour plates I have recalled all my life? There was no colour at all.

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