Saturday, 26 March 2016

Night patrol

oil painting of young fox at night
This painting was made using only black, transparent oxide red and transparent red ochre. I used no white at all. All the lightest passages are created by wiping back to the gesso'd board or, in the case of highlights in his eyes, whiskers and ear hair, by scraping back. Sgraffito is the technical term. I used the pointy end of a metal skewer confiscated from the kitchen.

Since painting this fox I have had one of those episodes where everything I touch goes wrong. There have been, I think, 5 wipers - including a portrait due to be posted on to my other blog - which I finally lost patience with this morning, after wrestling with it for many hours. So I am going to take the rest of Easter off and wait for better days!

Have a lovely Easter and, if you are in the UK - especially the SW - stay safe and dry. The anticipated storm is arriving as I type.

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