Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Scottish Deerhound

oil painting, Scottish deerhound, Scotland, painting

Here is my final "wallpaper" painting, at least for a while. This handsome boy is a Scottish Deerhound, with a long coat that is naturally the same colour as Scottish skies. At any rate, this is the colour they have always been when I have gone to Scotland.  As the Scottish comedian Billy Connolly famously once said: "Scotland has two seasons: June and winter".

When I saw the tilt of this dog's head, I thought he looked homesick for some reason and I imagined he would be homesick for Scotland, given that he is a Scottish deerhound.

Even though I know very little about Scotland, I put into this painting all I knew about the emotion of homesickness.

It uses an extremely limited palette: Ultramarine Deep, Alizarin Crimson, black and white.

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