Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Keeping watch

keeping watch, oil painting of an Australian Shepherd dog

Painted from a photo by Irini Adler, this is a beautiful Australian Shepherd dog, doing what dogs do so well: appearing to be completely relaxed whilst maintaining absolute awareness of everything that is going on.

This was painted very thinly, wet into wet, working from the dog's right eye outwards. That is the way this painting grew - I didn't especially plan to work it that way. The painting was worked on a linen board, which had hosted a failed painting just the day before. I wiped that one off and was left with a board accidentally toned in varying shades of grey.

I remembered someone describing that sort of grey as "sauce": some artists retain their mixtures of all sorts of colours as a sort of bespoke and personal grey. So, I painted this doggy on a background of my own recipe "sauce". Here are the WIP photos:

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