Friday, 29 July 2016

Little Tortie

Little Fluff Pot, oil painting of a tortoiseshell cat
The first of what will probably be 2 or 3 cats - I have a commission to paint one and feel the need to gear-up, as it is a little while since I have painted one. Cats are surprisingly difficult, especially long-haired cats. 
This little sweetie was painted on a gessoed board with a lay-in of quite strong burnt orange and the coat was rendered in 3 separate sessions. I put in the darks first and allowed them to dry completely. After the other 2 sessions I just let the paint tack-up a bit: a little mixing and mingling helped create depth of fur, but it was important the paint wasn't actually slippery to avoid a mucky mess.
Colour palette was: black, Transparent Orange Oxide, Yellow Ochre and white.

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