Friday, 28 October 2016

Horse on Red No 2

Portrait of a Horse in red and gold
My last "Horse on Red" here was painted using cadmiums and blues and produced a very different - much cooler - result than this version. 
I painted this one with: Transparent Oxide Red, Transparent Oxide Orange, Lemon Yellow, Transparent Oxide Brown and white. Apart from white, these paints are all transparent, which gives a lovely luminous finish, but which can be frustrating to work with. 
The paint is so luminous, the horse fails to "appear" from out of the background as a solid form. More like a ghostly, Hallowe'en horse..?.  Most of him is painted in two or even three layers to overcome this problem.
The tack was painted using Vandyke Brown, Raw Umber and white. These browns are much cooler than Transparent Oxide Brown and enabled me to make the tack "stand up" from the body of the horse. I found the tack very hard to paint, because of the complexity. I can't imagine how you would actually put it on the animal.
Thank you for visiting my blog and looking at my paintings. Have a lovely weekend 🌞

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