Friday, 14 October 2016

Horse on Red

Oil painting of elegant horse on a red and stormy background
This horse was painted on a red background and the red was allowed to show through the other colours. This gave a unity to the piece (I think).
I went through a phase a couple of years ago of toning the background with a thin red and had some success. Red is a good mid-value colour and forces you to pay attention to the darkest darks. Then one or two pieces went horribly wrong and I abandoned the idea. 
Here is another go at the same technique. The palette was: cad red medium - for the whole board as a background then the bridle; Alizarin, Prussian Green and a touch of Cerulean Blue - to make those greys in the sky; black, white and a touch of yellow ochre for the shiny bits of tack. A combination of these made the various browns of the horse.
Here is a collage of work-in-progress photos.
horse on a red background, work in progress photos
Have a lovely weekend everyone and thank you for looking at my paintings.

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