Friday, 2 December 2016

Birman by the window

Oil painting of a Birman cat sitting by the window in orange light
The colours  used to paint this piece were mainly: Transparent Oxide Orange and Transparent Oxide Brown - both by Rembrandt, and Cerulean Blue by Sennelier, plus white. I used Gamblin warm white. There is a touch of Cad Yellow in the sky, which also made the leaf green. 

The inspiration came from some really spectacular sunsets we have been having lately, when it seemed my whole garden was bathed in orange light. The grass glowed. Even my rather elderly and grubby greenhouse - a most uninspiring garden feature - gleamed and sparkled with jewelled orange light.

I washed the primed board with acrylic orange first and began with the cat's face as this was my focal point.
Birman cat oil painting - work in progress

I forgot to take any more WIP photos, but the next step I took was to work the window behind the cat. This was so I could find out if this idea was going to work or not. Also, any more fluff and whiskers required needed to be worked on top of the background.
The blue flowers were an after thought. Originally there was just going to be a pot in that corner as you can see from the two marks I made on the WIP. But the painting needed perking up. There was a surfeit of oranges, basically.

Hope you enjoy my painting. I hope you also enjoy beautiful sunsets but if that is not possible - have a terrific weekend and thank you for looking at my work.

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