Thursday, 28 January 2016

Greetings, Human!

A little 8"x6" oil study that rather looks as though it has been framed, but in fact hasn't.

I drew the frame on, making thin lines with a pointed round, a ruler and dilute, black paint: the lines to represent the internal frame, as well as the border about one third of the way in, and the corners. 
Then I waited for it to dry (overnight).
Using a mixture of Transparent Oxide Brown and Transparent Oxide Red (both by Rembrandt) with heaps of Liquin medium and a half inch synthetic flat, I wiped in the "wood".  
Because I am using gessoed board - which I gessoed myself, so it is to say the least less than perfect - the thin, transparent paint sits more heavily in the slight indentations and bumps of the gesso than it does on the top most surface and thus looks spookily like wood, even quite close up.