Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Yellow Wallpaper

Black dog, yellow wallpaper, an oil painting
This is a black dog, with a white bib, painted on a background of yellow wallpaper. I am not sure what else to say about him. 
I am still experimenting with using different techniques for setting a portrait. I used to work with with stitch and textiles, but switched to oil paint chiefly in order to aim for a degree of realism not easily achieved in thread. 
Now I am tempted to incorporate fabric as well as paper into my oil paintings.
The "how to" is quite tricky though - you obviously cannot paint directly onto fabric without prepping it first (think linen or canvas, which usually has at least 3 layers of glue or gesso to prepare it to accept oils). As soon as you prep it appropriately, it loses its fundamental qualities. 
A conundrum, then, which at present I am resolving by working round the additional material.