Friday, 25 November 2016

Cat with Green Eyes

oil painting of a cat with green eyes against a damask wallpaper

I wanted this very pretty and elegant grey cat to be profiled against a suitably elegant background. I started off trying out a stencil or two but discovered that stencils require a whole skill set combined with lashings of patience that I don't appear to have. 
So those attempts got wiped. 
Using oil paint was also very messy, so I cleaned up the board thoroughly, re-coated it with acrylic gesso and then painted, in dilute grey acrylic paint, each of the damask patterns by hand. Once they were thoroughly dry, I washed over the warm background tones in oil, diluted with lots of liquin.
I added a further "wash" of back ground colour right at the very end to push the pattern back and allow the cat to stand out.
Here's hoping American friends reading this have had a very happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.