Thursday, 5 January 2017

Hot Lab

black labrador on an orange background
A nice chilled-out painting to ease into the first full working week of 2017. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and thank you to those of you who worked over this period and didn't have a holiday at all.

This thank you was prompted by the kind staff of the out-of-hours emergency dental clinic who had to attempt to rescue me on New Year's Eve from toothy anguish.

The year can only get better after a start like that.

Here is the start to the painting. Gessoed MDF board, painted over with orange and allowed to dry:
work-in-progress photo of labrador oil painting
I wanted the orange to show through. The objective was that the painting would "look like" a labrador when viewed from a reasonable distance, but would appear to be growing organically out of the board from close-up
work-in-progress photo of labrador oil painting
The surface marks you can see on these two close-ups are the brush marks from the gesso underneath the orange paint. Sometimes I smooth the gesso out, or even sand it when dry, sometimes not. Last work-in-progress:  
work-in-progress photo of labrador oil painting
Once the dog was complete and dry, I went over the top half of the painting (including the dog's back) with Transparent Oxide Orange and a lot of liquin to deepen the orange at the back (top) of the painting and to integrate the dog better.

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