Thursday, 13 April 2017

Bring me Sunshine

This painting of a tortoiseshell cat started off as an experiment. It was an experiment that ended well, a bit to my surprise. 
I used a previously toned board - it was a sort of peach-y colour - and I started drawing in the placement of the cat using a brush and some watery Raw Umber acrylic paint. Then I used some watery white and lemon acrylic to mark the patches of sunlight hitting the cat. 
Then I picked up an old friend I haven't used for a long time: Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, by Golden. This is the most luminous, fiery, coppery gold colour. You can see it in the cat's left eye and cheek in this painting. I have not been able to find a match in oil colour despite trying: much trial, all error thus far.
Anyway, having got to this point I began deeping the colour and adding more colour notes, thinking I would "finish" with oil paint. But I didn't. 
So this is the first acrylic painting I have made since switching to oils 4 years ago. 
I am not sure I could have done this painting in oils, not in a single sitting anyway. The acrylic dried so quickly on what was a very warm Spring day, I could start layering up immediately. Colours could also be placed side-by-side without creating mud. The corollary was that blending was very difficult. I had to either blend on the palette or create the colour I wanted by layering (glazing).
It is apparently possible to buy extenders that stop acrylic paint drying so fast. But since this was the property I actually enjoyed, I probably won't. 

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