Friday, 7 April 2017


Oil painting of a shepherd and lamb
You have two paintings for the price of one today. This is the second version of a painting I made of Henry in the lambing sheds. I made the setting less abstracted and more realistic, zoomed in on his lovely, hard-working face and totally invented the colour harmony of the lighting. 
I imagined this is what the lambing sheds might look like in early morning sunlight (or late afternoon). At the time I was in the sheds with him, we hadn't seen any sun for weeks and everywhere was dull and olive green.
This painting has just won a Special Merit Award from Light, Space Time Gallery in Florida USA 😊

Here is the first version of the painting. This one is a 12" x 16" on linen:
Oil painting of a shepherd and his lamb
This cool colour harmony is a more realistic rendering of the actual scene. There is more of the figure and also, of course, more of the lamb. In this one, I like the fact you get all the lamb's gangly legs. Bless him.
Maybe what I need to do is paint a 3rd one that brings together the elements of these two that I most like. What do you think?

By the way, if anyone also follows me on Facebook, I am presently taking both a personal and a professional holiday from Facebook, having unpublished both my page and personal profile. 
I might switch them back on, I might not. 
Facebook engulfs both time and mental energy. I was also getting rather too many weird visitors and comments. This, combined with endless demands from FB to hand over money to promote myself, decided me to take a holiday.

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