Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Watcher

The Watcher - an oil painting of a ginger cat in a window
This cat, watching from his vantage point in an abandoned building, appealed to me because of the contrasts: organic vs man-made, blue vs orange, dereliction vs life. It is also very typical of a cat, I thought, to find himself a nice discrete spot from which to survey the world. 
Painted on canvas board using an acrylic colour block-in as an underpainting, then in oils using a palette knife (except for the cat). My colours were limited to  blue, orange, black and white. You can make a lovely selection of greys from these colours. There was also a speck of lemon for the cat's eyes and a speck of alizarin (plus white) for his ears.

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  1. I love this really captured something of the mystery and magic so very typical of cats. Really good. Thanks for posting.