Thursday, 29 June 2017

White Horses Study (No 2)

an oil painting of white horses galloping in the sea and emerging from the waves. Inspired by the myth of Poseidon

A second study of Poseidon's white horses galloping in the waves. 

This is painted on A4 MDF board. I gessoed it with white acrylic gesso with turquoise acrylic paint stirred in. I was none too fussy about  smoothing it out as I wanted a textured surface to make me loosen up with the paint application. 

Having decided the positioning of the horses before hand, I pushed the gesso around a bit so it is not quite so rough in the upper centre of the board, where they were to be placed. 

I drew the horses out first on a bit of paper, based on about 100 internet images of white horses together with my own toy horses that I bought from the toy shop, like these:

me with my horse painting and the horse models

Toy shops are wonderful. It is fab to have an excuse to go in them again and buy things. I also have cows, sheep, cats and dogs in my toy basket. Very helpful for compositions! 

Also I have got some skulls - you can see Yorick immediately behind me in this photo, although he is not real, he is made of resin. Real ones can be obtained from medical equipment suppliers but they are vastly expensive and also a bit creepy, don't you think?

These are real, though. I found them over many walks with the dog :

So, back row from left to right: a sheep's skull - found on Dartmoor; a roe or fallow deer stag (not sure which), found in the forest down the road and thirdly a red deer stag, found in the same forest. At the front: a fox cub skull, same forest. 

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