Thursday, 13 July 2017

Got something for me?

oil painting of a Pointer looking straight at you and saying "Got something for me?"
This painting was worked standing at my new easel, using bigger brushes and with the goal of loosening up my technique a bit. I found it impossible to work the eyes standing and with big brushes, though. 
The linen board was pre-loved - in other words, my previous painting was a wiper. And the one before that. To get a fresh surface for a 3rd attempt, I wiped some titanium white all over it and left it to dry.
Then I drew out the dog with a pencil and decided I didn't like the fact I had set the board up landscape.
So I turned it round to portrait, wiped burnt sienna and turps all over the board and re-drew the dog with a brush, ignoring the lines underneath.
oil painting work-in-progress, 1st stage

Incidentally, this is how I set my easel up to hold small panels in position (as with all studio easels, they are really built to hold large canvases not small panels):
How to Set up a studio easel to hold small panels

Basically, I have set up a large 6mm deep canvas board as the support for the panel. Then I have cut strips off a canvas board using a Stanley knife and attached those strips to the backing board with nice, big, stiff clips. These strips can then be moved to accommodate larger or smaller panels. I placed my panel between the two strips and adjusted them so it was held really tightly and will not move. The main thing is to make sure the strips are thicker than the panel you are working on so they get a proper grip. If necessary, stick two strips together with a glue gun. That's what I did.

Anyway, here is the next stage. Basic colour blocks and especially the darks in place:
work-in-progress oil painting of a pointer dog
And the final stage photo, working right to left now laying in more detail and correcting the drawing as needed along the way.
work-in-progress oil painting of a pointer dog
Thanks for reading along, have a great weekend.