Thursday, 24 August 2017

Best friends

two greyhounds, side-by-side, in sunlight
Well, this one has been a struggle and I am not sure I have entirely pulled it off.  I was aiming for impressionistic and cannot decide if there is too much impression, or not enough.
 It began with a simple line drawing and I put in the pale greyhound first:
two greyhounds, a painting, work-in-progress
I worked on a white, gesso ground with no prior toning on purpose because I was forced to paint the white greyhound using colours other than white
two greyhounds, a painting, work-in-progress
thus saving my lightest values, including tube white, for the full sun hitting the side of the dog and bouncing around the picture
two greyhounds, a painting, work-in-progress
At the moment, as you can see, the dogs are sat on a dappled ground with no actual light painted - I simply wiped off the shadow colour in the background to create a dappled effect - and no shadows on the dogs. At this point I waited 24 hours for the paint to more or less dry before completing the piece.
Originally intending the light to be dappled, in the end I joined up some of the "dapples" to create larger puddles of light. This was because, 'unjoined' up, the painting risked looking fussy rather than dappled.

Here's one by Renoir showing how it is supposed to be done:

The daughters of Paul Durand Rule, Renoir

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