Friday, 6 January 2017

A Woolly One

a woolly one - an oil painting of a black, standard poodle
Having decided in late 2012 that I wanted to learn how to paint in oils, and picking up a tube of oil paint for the first time - and looking at it suspiciously - the first subject I attempted to paint (after the usual apple and banana) was a lovely, woolly poodle.
What a disaster that was. 
Very nearly put me off oils for life. Even now, 965 oil paintings later, not counting a roughly equal number that have been put on the fire, I took the precaution of painting this lovely doggy before my annual "burning of the failures". 
The bonfire idea of getting rid of hopeless duds belongs to James Gurney. He calls it the Gallery Flambeau. I call mine the same.
I held the Grand Opening of my Gallery Flambeau up the garden the other day. My little dog - a black poodle mix, incidentally - was Head Steward and Guide. He rushed around woofing whilst 47 duds burnt.
This wasn't one of them. I like him.