Thursday, 26 January 2017

Cat on the Mat

oil painting of a black and white cat

A black and white cat with beautiful yellow eyes, painted on linen. This is the fourth cat painting I have produced since last week but the first that hasn't ended up in the bin. I don't know what it is about cats, but I have found that with almost any other subject, if it is a struggle at first, it will come right if I persevere. With cats, it is either right from the get-go and they paint themselves, or it is a great, big, mucky, muddy mess.
This one painted itself.
The process: I put in the background first, although once the whole thing was complete and dry I glazed some of it with Raw Sienna to warm it up a bit.
The cat was painted in two hours flat, finishing-as-you-go, beginning with the eyes.
If you take into account the wipers and 'binners', this cat took about a week and a half, 4 palette loads of paint, four lots of brush wiping sessions, 3 lots of tissues (for mopping up the tears) and I don't know how many hours of time.
Under the circs., I do hope you like it 🤣