Thursday, 29 March 2018

Diet Day Selfie

Oil painting in pink of a dog stealing a pink donut

After a few solemn paintings I thought it was time for a funny, after all my dog makes me laugh every day. He is, however, too small to perform this trick. 
I do know a large dog who once used the same technique to retrieve and consume an entire chocolate hedgehog birthday cake, leaving only a licked-clean cake board behind.

Method: this was based on a photo by Inuk from the website Paint My Photo and she had chosen a pink background. I saw no reason to mess with her choice - it is fabulous and let's face it, if you usually paint dogs, you don't get much opportunity to break out the pink. 

I used W&N Griffin Alkyd Permanent Rose, mainly. This is so richly pigmented that one tube could last forever at the rate I am using it. I also used Alizarin Crimson and a touch of Paynes Grey for the darker bits.

After sketching in the positions of the main elements - nose and eyes were critical here because of the dog's distorted posture - I put in the pink background and the counter top first. The counter top was a gradated blend of pink and Paynes grey: I added reflections later.

Next day, I painted the dog, excluding whiskers and tongue. He looked very strange at this point.

On Day 3 I painted the tongue and the do-nut. The reason for breaking it up like this was to ensure I didn't muddy my colours. 
The sharpness of the colours seemed important to me, I didn't want to fuzz it up.

On Day 4, with everything pretty much dry, I dry-brushed in the reflections on to the countertop using the tiniest amount of paint and keeping a wet-wipe handy to remove any accidental excess and to ensure there were no sharp lines. I re-emphasised his two sharp teeth with extra Titanium white and put in some whiskers using my 30/0 extra long liner. 

This brush only has one job - whiskers - and it holds so little paint it can only do one whisker at a time before it needs re-loading. The secret to making it work successfully is to  get the consistency of the paint about to the level of medium-thick cream - not too thick, not too sloppy. Also, wait until the rest of the work is dry, then if it blots or otherwise goes wrong, you can wipe it off.

Have a very Happy Easter everyone and thank you for following my blog.

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