Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Waiting for Spring

oil painting of a Weimaraner waiting for spring on Dartmoor

Not as bleak on the moors as it was a few days ago, but still very cold and conditions are harsh for all the animals living on the moors of Devon and Cornwall and the heathlands of Dorset. 
This photo rather illustrates the problem, it appeared on the BBC website and was taken on Exmoor (©Andy Bennett).

In our new house, the studio is at the bottom of the garden and it has been so cold I have been trying to paint with 4 layers of clothing (can hardly move my arm) and two pairs of gloves (can hardly feel the brush). I have transferred all my tubes of paint from the work surface into a basket and put the basket near the heater, which is on a minimum setting 24 hours a day, because they were nearly unworkable from the cold. 
We are above freezing now - what a relief.

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