Friday, 13 April 2018

The Insomniac

This one has been on my "corner pile" for quite a few months. The "corner pile" consists of paintings I haven't yet made my mind up about. 
The options are: chuck it, revise it or "wasn't half bad after all".  The default setting is "chuck it" and I always do if they are still sitting there after 6 months. 
This one reached six months and I thought - hang on, let's just do..... and revisions were made. Whiskers. The shadow under the chin. Tail. The changes were minor but brought it back to life from its previous comatose state. I hope you like it.
The title was chosen after a difficult insomniac week with my own cat waking the dog up and demanding his breakfast. The dog - not unreasonably - started woofing in order to obtain assistance with meeting the cat's demands. 
So everyone in the household has been up and about by 4am this week but at least the cat got his breakfast. 
The cat in question (after breakfast):

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